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Home or Away?

One decision that could be a talking point for life

Recent research now suggests that the average UK wedding costs a whopping £20,000.  Compare this to the average £6,000 cost of a wedding overseas and you may well find yourself in a predicament – to marry home or away?

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Brits marrying in places such as Italy and Cyprus are becoming increasingly more popular with research indicating that enquiries for this year are up by 30% compared to last year.  To those where money is not an issue they need not worry; however to the other 95% of us where money is often the top priority, it certainly opens up a whole new debate.

The key issue involved with this decision is to understand exactly what you and your husband-to-be want from your wedding day.  Do you want to marry close to home with 200 guests or do you want to experience something a little different and perhaps more intimate?  Is now the perfect time to take a chance on the unknown and create a magical story to tell your grandchildren?  Or is it simply an illusion that you need an exotic place to make a magical fairytale ending, if at all there is such a thing?

Marrying abroad is tempting especially with the attractive sunsets, moonlit dinners and beach strolls but you need to ensure it’s something you both want.  Will the guests you really want at your wedding be able to travel?  Equally, is staying close to home the perfect choice for you?  Do you want a really big wedding with old school friends?  Do you want to be in control of every last detail?  Marrying abroad quite often eliminates many aspects of control.

You have to remember that your wedding is exactly that – YOURS!  Chances are that you have probably spent the last ten years saving for your big day and you shouldn’t let anybody (except your soon-to-be-hubby) influence your decision. 

I had seriously thought on a number of different occasions about marrying abroad; New York to be exact.  I’d have loved to have married there but for us and our situation it was not practical.  We were not influenced by anybody to stay in the UK for our wedding, but the practicalities of getting family and friends to travel so far for us was a sticking point.

There are pros and cons with most decisions in life and this decision will not be any different. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that every decision will be plain sailing and argument free or you will certainly be setting yourself up for a fall.  Just enjoy yourself and remember to communicate with each other!  (Image courtesy of Kongsky)

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