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I Trashed It…

“You want to do what?”  This was the typical reaction I received when informing people that I intended to destroy my beloved wedding dress via a stateside phenomenon known as a ‘trash the dress’ shoot.

My dress was an absolute steal, fluke, lucky situation.  Call it whatever you like, but it was a bargain and bloody gorgeous.  With that in mind, it made the decision to arrange a trashing shoot much easier.  If I’d spent at a small fortune on it then perhaps I’d feel differently about it.  Also, on my wedding day the strap broke (due to a guest standing on my train) and said guest left a lovely big footprint on the back of it, so it was hardly in a recyclable state.  After my big day I shoved (literally) the dress under a bed and forgot about it for a good year.

The year following my wedding, the Husband and I decided to add to our family in the form of the cutest chocolate brown Labrador called Jags.  You need to know this because he features in the shoot and I want to explain why.

Researching numerous wedding ideas via pinterest brought up interesting images with pets appearing at wedding ceremonies.  The images are amazing and the one similarity in all images shows everyone having so much fun, not to mention how cute the animals look.  It made me a little envious that I was never going to be able to share my big day with my little pup.

Around the same time, rather interesting trash to the dress shoots had been appearing on pinterest and my grand idea was created.  I was going to trash my wedding dress and include my pooch.

It took a good year or so to get around to arranging the finer details of how, where, when, who etc.  Last weekend it finally happened.  The awesome Gemma Willis came aboard my campaign and agreed to photograph the shoot.  We found a gorgeous location and this is what happened…

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Having such dry weather meant it only semi trashed my dress, which leaves me open for a round 2!

Penelope x x

Make-up by Lois Mae Foster