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Multi-Cultural Wedding Cake Designs

Written by Lianne Crosby

Previously the wedding cake was a tradition only adopted by the Western areas of the globe. In fact, in Britain the ritual of the wedding cake can be traced back as far as medieval times.

However, as cultures have merged over time and individuals have become more explorative we have adopted the traditions and customs of others. The addition of the wedding cake to marriage ceremonies around the world is something that has come as a result of this. 

Whilst there may be no single wedding cake design that will suit every marriage celebration across the globe the concept of the wedding cake has been accepted by many now and a variety of different countries and religions have placed their own spin on this historic tradition.

In this article we take a look at just a few different wedding cake stylings and the inspiration behind their designs. 

African Safari

African cake

Embracing elements of the African wildlife and natural surroundings these cakes can prove to be particularly unique in their detail and styling. Whether you choose to adopt the typical Western tier styling or go for something altogether different is up to you.

Typically, a well printed or carved zebra print will give the cake that real wild African feel whilst acacia tree and savannah grass detailing’s will give the cake a beautiful and glamorous touch.

Grecian Elegance

Tier after tier of clean, crisp and white marzipan tipped off with edible gold leaf for decoration – this really does sound like a typical Grecian wedding cake. Although as a whole this design may seem a little simplistic that really is the beauty of it.

White and gold should be used as your base colours. Further decoration can be added using the marzipan to create exotic flowers with edible golden pollen centres. A scattering of a few olive tree leaves on top of your cake will give it that authentic Greek edge.

Lavish Indian Cakes

Indian Cakes

Indian wedding cakes are typically some of the most lavish and glitzy in terms of design. Cake creators can spend what seems like a lifetime adding patterns and further detail to the cake.

What may be a simple sponge underneath is often topped with some of the most gorgeous detailing.

Golden piping in henna styling is typical of Indian wedding cakes. Often icing is draped down the cakes in a robe like manner also embellished with fine patterns and styling unique to the Hindu culture.

Indian cake designs can often be rather bold and as a result you will see cakes produced in a wide variety of colours. This is further exaggerated by the fact that there are no real specific colours that most Indian couples traditionally use in the creation of their cake it Is sometimes a good idea to match your cake colours with your wedding gown.

Spanish Lace

Spanish Cakes

The Spanish have long welcomed the tradition of the wedding cake, so much so that there are even a few traditional designs that you will commonly find when looking for Spanish wedding cakes.

The most typical incorporates a Spanish lace theme with a white base, lace detailing in the form of black icing and romantic red roses to top the cake.

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