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Picking A Wedding Dress That Will Make A Great

Have you always dreamed of wearing a fantastic wedding dress, that will become a treasured family heirloom someday?

Most brides would be elated to pass on their precious wedding dress to their future generations, and would look forward to one of the future brides in their family wearing it for her wedding? Given the cyclical nature of fashion, this is certainly possible! Vintage wedding dresses are always in demand, and heirlooms are extra-special, because of the special sentiments attached to them.

There are certain factors you should bear in mind when buying your dress, so it can work for a bride decades later. Our friends at Best for Bride, the leading bridal store in Canada, tell us what they are.


Two words to describe a wedding dress worthy of being an heirloom—classic and quality!

The most happening trends can quickly become outdated. So, future brides may not be as excited as you are, about halter dress necklines and puffy sleeves, which are hot on the wedding scene now. We As award-winning bridal stylist, Ellie Sanderson suggests on the Huff Post, “You can make a nod to current fashion but don’t take anything to extremes.”

Basically, aim to find a dress that will not look old-fashioned 50 years from now, and you are good to go. Classic silhouettes like ball gowns and sheaths have stood the test of time, as have traditional fabrics like lace and tulle. Look for clean lines and retain a good sized hem, so it can be used by a taller bride, if required.

Quality is the other important factor. Good quality fabric may be costlier, but it will hold up for much longer. Fully lined wedding dresses make good heirlooms, so pay attention to this factor when choosing your dress. Also make sure that buttons, ties and embellishments are of good quality. Buttons and corset-backs hold up much better than zippers. Check out this article on the Handmade Dress blog for more advice on what makes a dress heirloom-quality.

Wedding dress preservation is crucial to saving your dress

You will be wearing your wedding dress for several hours, before it is put away as an heirloom. So, it is quintessential to have the dress professionally cleaned and preserved by a wedding dress specialist, afterwards. Send your dress for preservation soon after the wedding, so stains do not set and damages are quickly repaired. A professional preservationist will use the correct cleaning method, so your dress looks no different from when you purchased it. It should then be packed into a suitable storage box, to seal it off from environmental elements. Your preservationist will advise you on whether it should be stored horizontally or vertically, depending on the features and embellishments in the dress.

Whether your daughter or grand-daughter or anyone else chooses to wear your dress or not, this well-loved piece of family history will be a valuable possession. With luck, your dream wedding dress may be one that more than one young bride will be wed in.

Head over to the Best for Bride websitethe one-stop bridal destination for wedding dresses, accessories and all wedding services, to choose your dream dress. A stunning selection of beautiful and elegant wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses and dresses for the rest of the bridal party await you.

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