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Do you remember creating zillions of scrapbooks when you were a child?  If you were anything like me, I collected hundreds of magazines to chop up and create mini masterpieces.  Whether it was designing a new outfit for my Barbie doll as a child, or as a teenager, designing the perfect man (embarrassing but true) – I created mood boards for every occasion.


Studying art at College enhanced my need for creating inspiration and up until last year I was a regular collage producer with lots of books of wedding ideas.  As much fun as it is producing mood boards, it’s frustrating because they’re all in separate books and sometimes you need to bring two or three ideas together.  This is where Pinterest takes it to the next level.  It’s the virtual pin board world that has transformed my life – literally.

Pinterest enables you to engage with fabulously creative minds located all over the world.  This creates opportunities that you wouldn’t get by using standard paper mood boards – think of all the networking opportunities you would miss out on.  You can pick and choose who you follow, what categories you’re interested in and what you want to re-post to your pin boards.  You can come and go as you please, but be warned, it’s highly addictive!


As a wedding planner and blogger, I use Pinterest to inspire and encourage ideas – you can follow my pin boards here.  Whether it’s a themed wedding, a traditional wedding or something completely different and elaborate, you are never short of ideas on Pinterest.  The search facilities allow you to type key subject words or something more specific which will trigger thousands of images.  You can constantly add or remove things from your pin boards depending on your ideas and inspiration at the time.  There is also a wonderful tool that allows you to have up to three secret boards, meaning you can create a masterpiece and only share it with the world when you’re ready!

There really is something for everyone at Pinterest and to be honest I’m not sure how I could do my job without it.  I’m so very honoured to share with you the next blogger in the Pin it Forward schedule – Beauty Blogger LiLi.  Be sure to check out her blog Let’s get Lippy tomorrow and have a look at her awesome Pinterest inspiration boards.

Penelope x x